Manna House 2014

Manna House 1
In August 2014, Samuel’s Call Inc began the renovation of a block of building earmarked for pilot “Manna House” at st. Andrews Catholic primary school, Osan Ekiti, Ekiti State.

Manna House is a food pantry filled with groceries, cold breakfast meals, water, snacks etc that will feed FREE breakfast to children in the school and environ.
In the near future, Manna House will be upgraded to full cafetaria and will be situated in rural community public schools all over the world beginning in Africa and the Caribbean.

By mid October, the pilot Manna House was ready to start running.

Commissioning was approved by SUBEB (State Universal Basic Education Board). SUBEB is the government agency that manages Primary School in EKiti State, for Tuesday November 18, 2014


Inside Manna House: Before. An angle of one of the food shelves insider Manna House


Dateline: Tuesday November 18, 2014 at the commissioning of “Manna House”. HRH Oba Tajudeen Jimoh, Olosan of Osan-Ekiti, the state Government representative of the Permanent Secretary of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), and Comrade Sola Adigun of Samuel’s Call assist HRH cut the tape.

Manna House 6

Surprised and happy king!

Manna House 5

Manna House ready to feed children in the school and surrounding FREE breakfast and snacks daily!


HRH addressing dignitaries and guest at the commissioning. To his left is Mr.Tewo, one of the representatives of the Chairman board of Directors, Samuel’s Call Inc.


Cross section of dignitaries, government officials, title chiefs, parents/guardian at the ceremony



That was the situation for most of the children before Samuel’s Call.

70% of the children were either not fed or barely fed. Most of the meals most parents give to their children/ward are carbohydrate (like yam they get from their farm) based and not does not meet standard daily nutritional values required for normal growth and development of children that age. Some of the parents simply cannot afford to feed them every morning.

These category of children do not want to go to school or would most likely not actively participate in academic activities in school.

Children needs nutritional breakfast to focus in school and have strength to participate in academic activities.

Manna House 10
Food testing and tasting time!

Comrade Sola Adigun of Samuel’s Call Inc, leads the representative of the Permanent Secretary. SUBEB to the food stand for food testing and tasting

Manna House 12

Manna House 11

Representative of the chairman board of directors also followed suit.

Manna House 13

Manna House 14

There was bean cake made from beans, which is highly nutritious, with corn meal, bread and butter, chocolate and more.

Manna House 15

Manna House 19

Manna House 18

Manna Huse 17

The children had more food choices; cereal, snacks etc. They eat to satisfaction.

The population of St. Andrews Catholic primary school before Samuel’s Call in July was low.

Most of the school age children engaged in child Labour; street hawking or went with their parents to the farm. Most parents could not afford the school uniforms and other supplies or feed healthy meal to the children.

As at last count, the school enrollment has being increasing daily..last head count was 78 from 35 in July 2015!

Manna House has been feeding children DAILY in Osan Ekiti since November 18, 2014.

Samuel’s Call is impacting lives daily!