Samuel’s Call “Fall for Her” Fundraising Event

Samuel’s Call Inc. holds various fun fundraising events to fund its programs and projects that improves the lives of children all over the world.

This past October 18, 2014, Samuel’s Call held its 1st Fall fundraising Miami African hair show: Fall for Africa…fall for her hair. The theme of this inaugural event was “Back to the Roots”

Black women’s hair styles and braids over the decades has seen drastic changes and diversity, and more rapidly in recent decades. Many ‘new’ trends that has been featured and celebrated has been influenced by African hair braids and style trends in the 50s and 60s. Those were simply gorgeous, outstanding and classy. We all know that Africa is the cradle of civilization. African hair braiding is a big part of African culture which dates back to 3500 B.C. Particular reference should be made to Egypt where hair braiding was part of the royal appearance.

“Fall for Africa, Fall for Her Hair” was a fun, fundraising event aimed to pass down hair braiding as a significant part of African culture and tradition. It’s designed as a talent and cultural event that pulls African hair braiders and Natural hair stylist/groups together and a good opportunity for them to showcase their talent. It promoted African hair braiding as part of the culture of the African people, and the hair braiding and products industry as a whole.

Subsequent shows will provide education and training via seminars, classes and hands-on, on-site training, workshops designed for the benefit of professionals and aspiring hair braiders to better equip themselves, gain leverage in the profession, encourage dynamism, provide up to date knowledge and ultimately promote professionalism and continue success and growth of the hair braiding industry.

This premier event was extraordinary and challenging for the professionals and audience alike. The theme: “Back to the roots” was deliberate to provide a glimpse into the African hair braids and hair styles in the 60s which is the bedrock of today’s braids and styles, from Afros, to threading, and ‘didi’ (Yoruba, western Nigerian tribe style of hair braid now known as underbraid/fish bone etc). The event also featured cultural performances, live demonstration of the threading which is the African old ways of straightening natural hair without the heat, and a host of other educational and products vendors exhibition.

All proceeds from the event go towards the various programs and projects of Samuel’s Call Inc.