To empower the less privileged child wherever they may be (in the world) by supporting and/or improving their learning facilities and environments to help them develop their potentials in life to full capacity.


For the less privileged child to achieve full potentials of greatness.

Furtherance :

  1. To provide basic school supplies for needy/underprivileged children around the world
  2. To improve their learning facilities and environment
  3. To support these children academical needs from tertiary to college
  4. To fund transitional and external examinations at all levels and stages wherever it is required
  5. To provide vocational training for these category of children that has need for such/with academic challenges
  6. To provide various other deserving and necessary support these underprivileged children deserves in life
  7. To improve the physical appearance of these children and encourage high self esteem and improved academic focus


From providing basic school supplies like school uniforms, books bags, composition books, and others, Samuel’s Call Inc has within one year of existence expanded its programs to improve and support learning facilities and environment of some selected schools in remote locations in Africa.

In brief:

  1. Samuel’s call in 2013/14 to 2014/15 school year provided school uniforms and school supplies to 41 pupils in Temidire and Salvation army Primary school, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria
  2. Preparation for the provision of a 4 room expandable toilets for Temidire Primary schools, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria
  3. Preparation for the provision of braille for students at …. school of the blind in Ghana
  4. Commissioning of inaugural “Manna House” at St. Andrews Catholic School, Osan-Ekiti, Ekiti state. Manna room is a food pantry that will feed free breakfast and supply snacks to children in the school and surroundings.


Throughout the seasons of the year, from Spring to Winter, Samuel’s Call Inc hold ‘fun’ fund raising events to fund its programs and project.

  1. Spring Event: Inaugurated February 2012; “Africa on Parade”- A black history month event that show cases African rich culture.
  2. Summer Event: Coming Summer 2015; “Back to school children picnic”- A free fun event for children that will feature various fun activities, games, kids performances & entertainment, free back to school give away etc that will hold in government assisted/project areas in South Florida.
  3. Fall event: Coming Fall 2014- “Fall for Africa; Fall for her hair”..a fun fall fund raising Miami African hair show that will showcase and parade various African hair braiders talent, promote natural hair products & African beauty.

These programs have been carefully designed to entertain, educate, enlighten, promote culture & talents above all, provide funding support for the good cause of Samuel’s Call Inc in addition to other support it receives or may receive now and in the future.


You too can be a part of us. From as simple as spreading the word for our various fun fund raising events, to volunteering or making a donation of back to school items, clothing, financial etc you too can be part of making the world a better place than you met it.

We can assure you that your contributions will be justified. We are a corporation registered with the state of Florida with our 501 (c) 3 on the way. Our board of directors are men and women of impeccable credibility. We can assure you that your contributions will be justified.

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“He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.”


To accomplish its vision, Samuel’s Call Inc since its humble beginning has relied on the efforts of people like you with a burning burden for children. The programs/projects it has been able to implement so far and ongoing, has being made possible through volunteer efforts.
There is still so much to be done. We welcome volunteers in all walk of life around the world to reach and serve underprivileged children.

Contact us today to get involved and be that ‘hand’ and feet!

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples” Mother Teresa.